Urbino Early Music 2019

Teacher Instrument Dates
Medieval and Reinassance
Claudia Caffagni  Music at Federico da Montefeltro’s court 18-27 July
Isaac Alonso De Molina Polyphonic improvisations 23-27 July
Baroque singing
Gemma Bertagnolli Singing 18-22 July
Sergio Foresti Singing 23-27 July
Lia Serafini Singing 18-27 July
Sonia Tedla Singing 18-22 July
Alessandro Quarta Roman motets at 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 voices 18-27 July
Susanne Scholz Violin 18-27 July
Ryo Terakado Violin 18-27 July
Gaetano Nasillo Cello 18-27 July
Hille Perl Viol 18-22 July
Teodoro Baù Viol 23-27 July
Stefano Bragetti Recorder 18-27 July
António Carrilho Recorder 18-27 July
Michael Oman Recorder 23-27 July
Marcello Gatti Traverso 18-27 July
Alfredo Bernadini Baroque oboes 18-27 July
Lorenzo Coppola Historical clarinet 23-27 July
Elena Bianchi  Baroque bassoon and dulcian 18-27 July
Andrea Inghisciano Cornet 18-22 July
Plucked instruments
Paul O’Dette Lute, theorbo and baroque guitar 18-27 July
Chiara Granata Historical harps 23-27 July
Francesco Corti Harpsichord 18-22 July
Frederick Haas Harpsichord 23-27 July
Giovanni Togni Thorough bass 18-27 July
Carmen Leoni Fortepiano and clavichord 23-27 July
Ensemble courses
Michael Form Chamber music 18-22 July
Michael Form Chamber music with “obbligato” recorder 23-27 July
Enrico Gatti Chamber music 23-27 July
Lieven Baert Historical dances (intermediate/advanced level) 18-27 July
Letizia Dradi Historical dances (basic level) 18-27 July
Afternoon courses
Alessandro Quarta Teatro Armonico: motets and concertated dialogs at 8, for voices and instruments 18-27 July
Isaac Alonso De Molina Solmization 23-27 July
Lieven Baert Reconstruction of historical choreographies (intermediate/advanced level) 18-27 July
Letizia Dradi Body awareness and  introduction to historical dances for singers and players – first cycle 18-22 July
Letizia Dradi  Body awareness and  introduction to historical dances for singers and players – second cycle 23-27 July
Stefano Bragetti, Elena Bianchi, Alfredo Bernardini, Antonio Carrilho, Marcello Gatti, Christel Tielmann, Frederick Haas, Michael Oman, Teodoro Baù Chamber music – first cycle
Chamber music – second cycle
20-22 July
23-25 July
Lorenzo Coppola, Carmen Leoni Chamber music with classical instruments 23-25 July
Susanne Scholz,  Ryo Terakado ‘Concerto e Suite’. Music by A. Vivaldi and J.Ph. Rameau. 20-26 July